"Watching Bill Gage perform with his band BILL is an eye-opening experience. You go in not knowing what to expect, maybe even a little nervous on behalf of everyone involved-- the crowd, the band, yourself. But then you are witness to a sizzling and raw hard-rock display, and your reservations vanish. Gage doesn't so much sing songs as tear through them, his vocals occasionally sounding as if they're coming from someone twice his size. You think for sure his voice is going to give out any moment, but it never does. It's magnificent."
Ian Sands, The Boston Phoenix

available on black vinyl
& download (CD sold out)

"as punk did in its heyday, Gage cuts straight to the heart of a song's feeling, and in the process creates music that's both uncomfortable and unmistakably vital."
Victor D. Infante, Telegram.com

"Bill Gage growls and spits through thirteen tough-as-nails hard rockers"
Sleazegrinder, The Noise

now available
BILL are a bundle
all 3 BILL vinyl LPs + the BAT MAN cd

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at long last!
the reissue of BILL's first studio album
(grasshopper's first release
on cassette in 1991)
available on black vinyl & download
or snow-blue transparent vinyl & download

Bill Gage & Cheater Slicks
2018 collaboration "Piano Tunnels"

30th anniversary reissue

BILL's 1987 live radio show
at Brandeis University
featuring the Legendary Rich Gilbert
limited edition 300 copies
on white vinyl & download

available on CD & download
the album that surprised Myspace in '06,
leading to a bit of a media frenzy
(front cover story in The Boston Phoenix,
Public Radio International, Fox25 News, etc)

"BILL, you are great. Your stuff is so fresh."
Chris Stein

"makes David Thomas sound like a second-rate BILL imitator"
Rick Moody


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