"It's as if this guy went back to his Boy Scout days and
was instructed to make a dreamy pop album out of things he
could find lying around the house."
Mommy And I Are One

"Yo La Tango meets the Beach Boys"

"incredible, beautifully crafted pop songs"
Mikey Dee

"…like a lost 'Early 80s Chart Hits'."

"Music fans can revisit a forgotten emotion: joy"
Underground Music Monthly

"my favorite pop rock-based melodic disc since The
Apples In Stereo... honest-to-gosh great, catchy songs"

"There are many DIYers on the scene today;
Pseudonym is clearly among the best and most accessible."
Pure Pop

"refreshingly optimistic to the point of near-naivete"
Flow Online

"some of the best under-the-radar indie pop songs we’ve heard"

"an album to play when you're needing a grin to get you
through the longest days of the week"
Underground Music Monthly

Pig Tail World 13-song CD

$7 includes shipping (north america only)
intercontinental orders

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